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I love my First Lady

Can you please tell her to tell her husband to stop killing muslims? Thanks

literally all she does is try to make the country “healthy” by giving students shitty school lunches like please do something else and help your husband fix the economy! *goes awf*

Imma need y’all to learn how the United States Government works. You don’t have to like her or the president but learn that they do not makes the decisions, they really do not have very much power, the president does not have the power to just snap his fingers and make shit happen or change things. You have to have 2/3 vote from congress to take a shit, let alone do anything having to do with government. The entire government was set up to make sure that exact thing could never happen, that is why there are 3 branches and that little thing called checks and balances.

In fact let me just break this down for y’all right here. 

  • President has 2 OFFICIAL jobs, Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, but he only controls a limited amount of the funding for those troops (enough for 90 to 120 days) to engage these troops in combat. He CANNOT just declare war. only congress can declare war. The second, Accountant over the Federal Budget. 
  • He also is responsible for creating and balancing the national budget, but everything has to be approved by congress with a 2/3 vote. 
  • He signs bills into law, can veto them as well, however congress can override his veto. 
  • He assigns judges to the Supreme court, with the senates approval. 
  • He assigns foreign ambassadors, with the senates approval. 
  • he creates his own cabinet for people to research into areas that he might not have the time to, these are the only people who do not have to get approval from senate
  • congress is made up of 535 people (100 senators 435 HoR) for any of them to come to 1 agreement has only happened once in the history of this country, and that was to go into WWII, and even that the house voted 434 to one (1st woman house of Representative she was from Maine too, she voted against WW1 and 2)  and the judicial branch can call anything unconstitutional and kill it as well. 

and if you think i’m lying you can literally google this shit in 2 seconds. 

That tea is delicious


I would love for people to remember this when they want to start blaming the president. Any president, though not all of them have had good ideas.

lemme get in here a sec.

The President needs a 2/3 vote in Congress to get practically anything done, right? Well currently, the 133th US Congress is split with 53 Democratic senators and 45 Republican senators and 201 Democratic representatives and 234 Republican representatives. That makes a pretty even split between the two major political parties. Ever since President Obama was elected into office, the Republicans have voted down every piece of legislation he’s attempted to pass, in an effort to pin him as the worst president in American history, so that they can go back to their white-washed elitist lives and keep all their hoarded money from the people. The President has been doing everything he can to change things, but he cannot do that without the approval of Congress. Remember that week-long shutdown we had? Yeah, that was because the Republicans weren’t getting exactly their way with the budget, so they decided to shut down the whole goddamn government until they got their way. The United States Government relies on compromise and agreement between the two parties, and we’re seriously lacking right now in that department.

So if you want to blame someone for our country’s issues, blame the goddamn Republicans for acting like tantrum-throwing two year olds.

Literally we are currently experiencing the least productive civic period in the history of the country because the entire Republican party platform is simply “do not let anything from Obama pass”. How can anyone be mad at anything other than congress right now? CONGRESS HAS A LOWER APPROVAL RATING THAN FUCKING NICKLEBACK.


I relate to this on a spiritual level

Uploaded on Jul 24, 2006

This is one of the first videos we shot after being introduced to the wonderful world of digital video. Good friends, a dam, and big rocks. Shot on location at Cherokee Dam in Tennessee.

This is the first video on Rhett and Link’s main channel… Rhett is one of the rock lifters and Link is filming and doesn’t appear on screen. I don’t know the names of any of the others.

On a different note: I’m real close to murdering this kid. =n=

Yesterday one of the Pride center students was asking me about asexual sex myths for their discussion on “Queer Sex Myths” and so I was telling her some of the common misconceptions and she asked if I’d go as well, so I said sure and stayed on campus to attend. 

When the discussion started, they went around the circle to introduce ourselves and we stated our name, preferred pronouns and sexual orientation since it was a discussion on sex. I, of course, say my name, asexual and that my preferred pronouns are gender neutral singular they/them/theirs. 

Now, I’ve got issues with this kid to start with. He’s a real asshat and he’s been a big problem in the center, but they don’t ban him for some reason. He constantly verbally assaults others and says shit that’s inflammatory on purpose. 

While we were trying to have the discussion, he like loudly whispers “Isn’t they plural, so you can’t use it like that.” and I just responded “Nope, common usage. You can make it singular.” because I wasn’t in the mood to get into it with him. 

Later, a group of us were talking about names and what not and I mentioned that I hate it when people say “Ashley” because that isn’t my name and it’s a bit irritating when people don’t ask for your name and use the one on the card because that’s not always right and the kid starts asking me for my first name! I’m like no, there’s a reason I don’t use it, stop asking! 



You see this cutie?

Damn right you see this cutie.

This is my cutie. I will share, but they are my cutie.


Precious Inky.


askscoutthecosplayer said: ((INKY YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS!!!!!))

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sirscribbsalot said: aHH yes! You look really nice! I like the shirt. It’s that kinda shirt you don’t like at first but then the more you look at it, the better it gets uwu

Thanks, you guys! 

theubersheep demanded photos after I mentioned I was feeling good with how I looked today. :P

theubersheep demanded photos after I mentioned I was feeling good with how I looked today. :P

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OH MY GOODNESS, JANNELLE-O. First you draw absolutely cute TF2 stuff, then wonderfully cute space sharks and now you're drawing amazingly cute Rhett and Link?? You're going to kill me from cuteness! Man, they're wonderful and adorable and you captured Rhett and Link perfectly. Gah! Cuteness overload!
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Oh gosh, you’re much too kind (*´∀`*) ♥ But oh dear, maybe I’ll tone down the cuteness :o
Thank you so much for all your lovely compliments~ ;v; (also thanks for reminding me that i should draw my space shark some time soon haha)

Ah, I still need more practice drawing Rhett and Link though [the drawings i posted were the first ones i ever did of them (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ ]image


Seeing this in class was no good. I wanted to make noises and blush and hide my face…… So cute! Janelle-O, you are just made of cute and everything you touch becomes extra cute!